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SBJ: Walbro Tamper-resistant Adjustment Tools 


Due to EPA and California Air Resources Board emissions regulations, Walbro is no longer allowed to produce or sell carburetor adjustment tools. Carburetor adjustment tools continue to be available; however, they are only available through authorized OE dealers or from the Original Engine Manufacturers.

Walbro's official disclaimer reads as follows:

A Walbro tamper-resistant adjustment system features integrated components that collectively provide tamper resistance according to regulatory requirements.  A Walbro tamper proof adjustment system requires special "Tools" intended for trained and facilitated service technicians to make adjustments for service purposes.  A Walbro tamper-resistant adjustment system also prevents end users from adjusting the low speed and /or high speed needles in such a way that exhaust emission compliance is not attained. In order to adjust a carburetor using a Walbro tamper-resistant adjustment system, engine manufacturers are offered special tools for sale by Walbro.  Maintaining control of the distribution of these tools or similar tools is critical to assure the continued certification by CARB and/or EPA (or other regulatory agencies) of a Walbro tamper proof adjustment system.
Walbro's 500-505 tool kit as well as all other individual tools are still available through your nearest Walbro Central Warehouse Distributor. For the Central Warehouse Distributor nearest you click on the Service and Aftermarket section of our web site.